Short loan without credit check

With a short loan without credit check you can borrow a relatively small amount up to a maximum of 800 euros that you also have to pay back quickly. The short loan has a maximum duration of 45 days and must also be repaid in one go, this cannot be paid in installments. A short loan is best viewed as an advance on your salary because you are short of cash during the course of the month. on the other hand, a negative credit check registration is not a problem. Read on where you can apply for a short loan and what amounts you can borrow. More exposition at

Short loan without credit check

Short loan

Which amounts you can borrow also depends on whether you apply for the first time or have already done this before, with one you can borrow a maximum of 500 euros and with the other the maximum is set at 200 euros. There is also a difference in the speed of payment when you apply for a mini loan. If you really want to have the requested amount in your account the same day, you will generally have to pay for it. If you don’t mind having to wait a few days for your money, this can save you a lot of money.

Short-term benefits


Short-term borrowing has the advantage that you get rid of it quickly because you have to pay off within a maximum of 45 days, because the duration is so short, you also do not pay much interest on your mini-loan. The interest that is used for a short loan is always the maximum of around 14%, but because the duration is so short, this means that the amount in euros is easy to oversee. For example, if you borrow 400 euros and pay it back in 30 days, your interest amount is € 4.60. What you have to pay attention to are the costs that you have to pay for any extra services.

What is a mini loan?

mini loan

Borrowing a mini loan for a small amount without credit check is not a revolving credit or a personal loan. The costs of a mini loan vary per provider, so it is advisable to compare it to get an idea of ​​where you can take out a mini loan the cheapest. It is also important that you can repay the borrowed amount, you can determine this yourself very quickly by taking your monthly income and deducting your fixed monthly costs from it, what remains below the line is the amount you can to lend. If you have doubts in one way or another, it is better not to do it, if you do not pay back on time, then there are all kinds of unpleasant procedures that you would rather not have to deal with. For more information about borrowing money, take a look at the Best Finance website, where you will find a lot of information and tips on this subject.